Jingles the Gnome Scavenger Hunt

Clues for Saturday, December 12th:

Week 3- jingles clue sheet
Tis the Season to Find a Gnome



Favorite book: Polar Express

Favorite movie: Elf

Favorite tv channel: Hallmark

Favorite snack: Gingerbread

Favorite color: Red and green

Favorite animal: Reindeer

Favorite candy: Candy Cane

Have you met Jingles, our resident gnome, the protector of the magic as he is known.

He’s lived at the Middlesex Chamber for 393 years, and is always happy and full of good cheer.

Then one day there as a knock on the door, and what happened next we could not ignore.

As the door flew open, the magic blew out and off Jingles went running to capture the pouch.

We have been searching for him both day and night, but can’t seem to find him and we are in such fright.

Jingles is a funny, kind and caring little gnome, please help us find him and bring him home.